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Dec 12. 2019

Identity as a Service – What Is It?

No matter whether you are offering new digital services or digitally transforming proven service offerings, the prerequisite is always the same: ...

IAM IoT DevOps IDaaS China CIAM

author: Dr. Heiko Klarl, CMO

May 15. 2019

IAM as a Managed Service for China and Russia

In the tension between enormous market opportunities, a challenging regulatory environment, and growing competition, German and European ...

IAM News DevOps IDaaS China

author: Dr. Heiko Klarl, CMO

Apr 10. 2019

Who’s allowed to do what? Secure control and management of access rights.

Improve your IT governance with more control and transparency in managing access authroizations

IAM Access Managment DSGVO Access Governance

author: Andres Heckler, Senior Consultant

Mar 27. 2019

Gartner IAM Summit 2019 – the highlights from our point of view

For professionals in the Identity & Access Management sector, there are only a handful of truly important conferences worldwide. The Gartner ...

Insider IAM News DevOps Hybride Cloud

author: Andre Priebe, CTO

Feb 25. 2019

We’re honored! iC Consult is among “Bayerns Best 50”!

Recognition for strong growth – iC Consult receives award from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs


author: Ulli Rottmüller, Head of Marketing

Feb 12. 2019

Connected Car – data protection is no optional extra

In Germany, hardly a day goes by without passenger cars providing at least one news report. Sadly, the headlines are dominated by negative ...

IAM IoT GDPR DSGVO Data protection

author: Dr. Heiko Klarl, CMO

Feb 05. 2019

Data protection is no paper tiger – the consequences strike closer to home!

Why Google's record fine after GDPR violation is both a warning and an opportunity for companies

GDPR DSGVO Data protection

author: Ulli Rottmüller, Head of Marketing